Top 5 Best Baking Chocolate in India

If you have been visiting the grocery stores and bakeries quite often, you would have come across the thing known as Baking Chocolate. What is the difference between the baking chocolate and other varieties of chocolates? What are the best baking chocolates in India that you can find? Let us check out the options available for Best Baking Chocolate in India.

Baking chocolate is unsweetened chocolate and comes in the most traditional form. It is a 100 per cent chocolate liquor and does not come with any other ingredients. Compared to the other forms of chocolate, it comes with a bitter taste and can be quite unpleasant to eat.

Having understood what is baking chocolate, let us check out the best baking chocolate you can opt for in India. While the baking chocolate is available in sufficient quantity in the US, you can indeed find it a little challenging to find in India. We thought of listing out the best baking chocolate powder in India after scraping through the sources of availability.

#1 BOGATCHI Baking Chocolate Bar

BOGATCHI Cooking Chocolate Bar

The BOGATCHI Baking Chocolate Bar is one of the excellent options for the best quality Gluten-free baking chocolate and is available in the dark format. The 100 per cent vegetarian chocolate It can be one of the excellent options for an enhanced experience for cakes, cookies and pastries.

It can be an excellent choice for home baking and cooking. It can be an excellent option for the enhanced and a great option for improved premium quality. Certified by FSSAI it can be your best option.

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#2 Hershey’s Cocoa Powder

Best Baking Chocolate in India

Made from a 100 per cent Coco, the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder can be a great option for all your needs in an enhanced experience of baking chocolate. The naturally appearing unsweetened chocolate can definitely prove to provide an exciting option in every right.

Best suited for the vegetarians, we found it one of the excellent options for a smoother and richer quality. Since the chocolate is unsweetened, it can be a great choice for those of you who are looking for losing weight or those who may have diabetes. You can definitely use it for all your needs in making dark chocolates and chocolate cream.

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#3  Chokola 55% Vegan Bite Size Dark Cooking Chocolates

Choko La Baking Chocolate

Best suited for all your baking and cooking purposes, the Chokola 55% Vegan Bite-Size Dark Cooking Chocolates should ideally be one of the excellent options for your needs in an improved baking chocolate experience. A good combination of both health and quality, the chocolate comes with a completely natural taste.

The product offers you a 12 month shelf time which should be yet another great functionality. The best baking chocolate is available in a pack of two. Do note that the chocolate may contain milk protein traces. If you are allergic to it, it may be a good idea to take precautions. The gluten-free functionality should further make it a great choice.

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#4 Grocery Vala Cocoa Powder/ Baking Chocolate

Best Cooking Chocolate in India

Specifically created with Cocoa beans, it has been processed at a state of the art facility. You can use it for making your delicious cake to your heart’s content. Use the baking chocolate for preparing any of your favourite dishes that include cookies, cakes, chocolates and other delicacies.

The natural and unsweetened chocolate flavour should ideally make it one of the excellent choices. The awesome quality of the cocoa powder used in the product should definitely make it one of the excellent options the best baking chocolate ever. A fine taste and rich flavour are a few parameters that would make it a great option for each of your needs in preparing the best pastries ever.

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#5 Nature’s Harvest Premium Dark Chocolate

best chocolate chips for baking india

Best meant for baking and decorating your cakes, Nature’s harvest baking chocolate is an excellent option for almost all your requirements in an enhanced baking experience ever. It has been one of the excellent options for all your needs in an improved cooking experience in terms of cooking your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, ice-cream, sundaes and whatnot.

It can be a great option to provide you access to a remarkably enhanced experience in terms of the best preparation of your cookies and other delicacies. A purely vegetarian product, it can be a good option for adding that glamourous touch to your food.

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How to prevent the Baking Chocolates from melting?

While checking out a few of the products for the best baking chocolate in India, we found that a few of the users complained about the chocolate getting melted. We thought of sharing a few of the inputs on the best options for preventing the baking chocolate from melting.

Split the bars quickly enough to avoid it from melting suddenly. Splitting the chocolate into smaller bits and stirring it constantly can be helpful in getting a smoother and glossy finish. The best option would be to zap it from the microwave.

To avoid the baking chocolate from melting in its storage space, it would be advisable to keep it in a cool and dry place. More warmth and moisture is likely to create a huge issue and make the chocolate melt. It can even cause the discolouration in the chocolate and can cause severe concerns with respect to your final baking results. You can even keep it inside the refrigerator if needed.


Baking or cooking chocolate is perhaps is a new concept in India, and finding the best cooking chocolate in India can prove to be a great option in more ways than one.  We have made sure to pick the best products that can ideally meet most of the needs you may have in baking the best quality pastries, cookies, and a host of the other best quality delicacies. Do ensure that you have followed proper precautions in preserving the chocolate.

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