5 Best Meat Mincers in India 2021 (Review & Comparison)

Updated on – 03.02.2021

Meat has become one of the prime ingredients in most of the kitchens. Chicken and other meat preparations have been on the rise, and that has been one of the reasons homemakers have been checking out the tools that would make the task of mincing the meat rather simple and easy. In this post let us find out some of the best meat mincers in India.

Meat Mincers or meat grinders are the best that can get your tasks done. They can let you cook your meals rather quickly and faster enough. We thought of listing out the best meat grinder in India that you can lay your hands on. 

Best Meat Grinder in India

Well, consumption of meat in the Indian homes has grown considerably, and the need for the best grinders in India has become one of the most searched sets of tools. So, without much ado, we will check out the best meat mincer in India that you can choose to buy. 

#1. Orbit Meat Grinder and Meat Mincer MM-1200

Orbit Meat Mincer and Meat Grinder

Designed and developed by Orbit, the meat mincer has been one of the most popular options for all your needs in an enhanced grinding of meat. The availability of three blades should be one of the unique options providing you with different textures and slice options based on your cuisine. The 500 Watts power should be yet another plus point that makes it the right option for the best meat grinder in India. 

The grinder can work both in reverse and forward directions. That would help you get smoother minced meat ever. The meat grinder is simple and easy to operate. You can also be assured of an easy to use cleaning operation. 


  • High-speed motor 
  • Stainless steel cutting blades 
  • Larger capacity and food funnel


  • We found no cons

#2. CHHELL Electric Meat Grinder Machine

Best Meat Grinder in India

The meat grinder comes with a  powerful 2200 Watts One of the excellent features we found on the meat mincer is that it runs quite smoothly and offers a noiseless operation. It comes with three metal grinding plates. This would help you get access to different textures of ground meat. 

The cutting knife can be sharpened for continued usage. One of the best meat mincer in India, it also comes with a few accessories such as a meat pusher, kibbe attachment, sausage funnel, and juicing attachments. 


  • Extremely durable design 
  • The reverse operation that lets you reduce the congestion of meat. 
  • Ease of assembly and cleaning 


  • May not grind the bones 
  • You cannot use it with dishwasher 

#3. HY Aluminium Alloy Meat Mincer Keema Machine

Best Meat Mincer in India

This is one of the excellent options for mincing your meat rather efficiently and effectively. The ease of use and installation are the best features that would make it ideally a great choice to go with. Made of aluminium alloy, the meat grinder can be found to provide you with a fair degree of durability. 

It can be dismantled completely. This would make it one of the best meat mincers in India from the cleaning point of view. A simple manual operation is one of the features that we like the most. You do not need to be dependent on the machine or the power to work with it. If you are a perfectionist, this should be the right one for you. 


  • Provides you access to the exact size of pieces as per your preferences. 
  • The manual operation ensures that you have complete control over the size of the meat pieces. 
  • Saves the cost of power 


  • Manual operation 
  • Hard meat will need you to exert more pressure to cut meat. 

#4. HomeFast Meat Grinders Electric Food Processor

HomeFast Meat Grinder

The meat mincer comes with one of the excellent options for all your needs in an enhanced experience in mincing the meat. In fact, the meat mincer has been an excellent option for almost ever needs in the kitchen apart from mincing meat alone. You can use it for chopping vegetables and other requirements. 

The meat grinder is made of a combination of steel and ABS plastic. The low noise and high-efficiency operation ae a few other salient features that would make it a great option among the best meat mincer in India. 


  • A high-speed copper motor that ensures a smoother running 
  • It can be disassembled entirely thereby ensuring a complete cleaning
  • Four blade combination 


  • We found no cons

#5. Geepas 2000W Meat Mincer Keema Machine

Geepas Meat Grinder

A powerful 2.4 Horsepower motor would be one of the excellent options that would make it one of the prime options you would find rather impressive. It comes with a good number of blades and attachments. A considerably good number of safety features should make it yet another excellent option. The built-in circuit breaker is an added advantage. 

A combination of ABS plastic and stainless steel combination, this should be the perfect pick for the best meat mincer in India. Provides you access to highly sanitised and fresh meat minces in the shortest possible time ever. 


  • High-speed motor capacity 
  • Sausage attachment 
  • Hygienic operation 


  • Can give out a burning smell at times 

Final Thoughts

Mincing meat has been one of the toughest tasks ever, and that would explain why they are so essential. We assume the list of the best options we have outlined here should provide you access to an enhanced experience in mincing the meat in just the right proportions and sizes. Check out the products and share your experiences with us.

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