5 Best Hinges for Kitchen Cabinets in India 2021 (Review & Comparison)

Updated on – January 31, 2021

Kitchen Cabinets – they form more than half of the structure of your kitchen skeleton. No matter what material your kitchen cabinet is made of, it is crucial and essential to check the hinges used for the kitchen cabinets. We thought we would check out a few good options for the best hinges for kitchen cabinets in India.

Listed below are some of the Best Hinges for Kitchen Cabinets in India

Best Hinges for Kitchen Cabinets in India

#1. Spider Auto Concealed Hinges

Spider Auto Concealed Hinges

The concealed hinges would provide a better look for your kitchen cabinets. Made of metal, you will get a nickel finish that provides a truly magnificent look. The 110 degrees of opening offered by the hinges would make it one of the best hinges for kitchen cabinets in India.

The hinges come from the renowned brand Spider and provide you with a very durable and longer life. Just ensure that you get the hinges installed by a professional carpenter.


  • It offers an affordable option for the best hinges
  • A neat and sturdy look that provides an excellent appearance.


  • No major cons were discovered

#2. Met Craft Steel Auto Close Slide On Concealed Hinges

Best Hinges for Kitchen Cabinets in India

Made of stainless steel with an iron-heavy component, the met Craft range of concealed hinges would make it one of the excellent options for the best hinges for kitchen cabinets in India. A highly wider 110-degree opening should provide you with better flexibility.

Easier installation is one of the strongest points. It is much suitable for most of the cabinet sizes. It also comes with covers for avoiding the dust accumulation.


  • Auto closing efficiency ensures a quicker closing
  • An excellent quality
  • Corrosion-resistant silver finish.


  • No cons are found

#3. Godrej Galvanized Steel Slip-on Auto Closing Zinc Concealed Hinges

Godrej Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Yet another option for the concealed hinges option, they come from a renowned Godrej brand. That in itself should stand proof to the efficiency of the hinges. The hinges are plated with nickel for ensuring a high degree of corrosion resistance.

The hinges should be best meant for kitchen cabinet doors of 15 to 22 mm thickness. The 180-degree opening makes them highly flexible in every aspect.


  • Highly affordable pricing.
  • Full overlay functionality
  • Godrej reliability


  • Some reviews reported missing screws in the package.

#4. Volo Concealed Hinges

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

The hinges come with a European styled design which may be one of the added advantages. The auto-closing hinges are made of stainless steel construction. The 110-degree angle of opening is what you would find to be a standard feature on most of the best kitchen cabinet hinges in India.

The nickel finish takes care of the corrosion resistance. The normal auto concealed hinges can be one of the excellent options for your kitchen cabinets irrespective of the size.


  • High-quality workmanship
  • Spring movement functionality
  • Can fit on almost any door


  • No screws form part of the sales package.

#5. Link HNFO Iron Auto Concealed hinges

Link Cabinet Hinges

Coming from the house of Link brand who are known for high-quality locks, the HNFO concealed hinges offer you an exceptional choice. If you are a designer, the hinges here will provide you with access to plenty of designer ideas.

One of the best hinges for kitchen cabinets in India, the Link concealed hinges offer you a very effortless opening. Best possible soft closing and a very high degree of durability can be a few advanced features.


  • Best suited for kitchen cabinets.
  • It can withstand the high humidity level in the kitchen.
  • Professional manufacturing quality


  • Iron construction.

How to Buy the Best Kitchen Cabinet Hinges in India?

  • Choose the type of hinge based on the exact usage requirements you have. Concealed hinges, butt hinges and barrel hinges a few popular hinge types you can go with.
  • Adaptability to the humidity levels inside the kitchen is yet another factor you should give a thought to.
  • The material of the hinges would be yet another vital factor in picking the best hinges for kitchen cabinets in India.


Well, those were a few exciting options for the best hinges for kitchen cabinets in India. Of course, picking the right choice of hinges for the kitchen cabinets would ideally need thorough research. We assume we have made your task simpler and more comfortable with those perfect choices for the best kitchen cabinet things in India.

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