5 Best Capsule Coffee Machine in India 2021 (Review & Comparison)

Updated on – 02 Feb 2021

Waking up in the morning can indeed be the toughest task in everyone’s life. However, waking up to the fresh aroma of brewing coffee or Espresso can definitely be a truly rewarding experience ever. Coffee has always been considered to be one of the wonderful experiences ever and has been referred to as the sweetest ever thing in the world.
If you are a coffee fan, we would want you to check out a few excellent and perfect options for the best capsule coffee machine in India.

Best Capsule Coffee Machine in India in 2021

The taste and aroma of a coffee cup depend on the way in which the coffee is brewed. The perfect and best coffee machines make the task rather easy enough. That is exactly why we set out to find a few best options for your capsule coffee makers.

#1. Nettare Prima Domestic Gourmet Italian Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Coffee

Nettare Prima Coffee Pod Machine

The machine provides you access to an enhanced and improved efficiency with respect to the best possible one-touch operation ever. The single-serve automatic coffee maker is one of the best options that should provide you access to a complete performance for the best coffee pod machine in India.

The coffee machine is quite compatible with Lavazza and Nettare coffee capsules, and that should be something that would make it offer a little less perfection. It provides you with a considerable number of advanced features and functions. Availability of 15 bar pressure pumps and a Swiss thermostat is yet another huge advantage.


  • A porous design that soaks the extra coffee.
  • The user can configure the volume of the coffee in the cup.
  • It has backlit control options.
  • An effortless one-touch operation


  • Limited compatibility with respect to capsules.

#2. Vero Coffee Maker

Best Capsule Coffee Machine in India

The Vero Coffee maker comes with an enhanced experience with respect to improved functionality and provides you access to full compatibility with Vero and Nespresso capsules alone. You would find it providing you access to a truly improved experience with a compact brewing unit technology.

The automatic power-off functionality after 15 minutes of idle functionality would make it a great choice. The machine comes with two programmable buttons so that you can prepare Espresso and Lungo. The 20 bar pressure can be one of the huge options making it one of the most robust companions.


  • Simpler insertion and ejection of espresso capsules.
  • Energy-saving and futuristic design
  • A very affordable pricing
  • You can make both cold and hot coffee.


  • Compatibility with limited capsules

#3. Bonhomia New Boho Single Serve Coffee Capsule Machine

Bonhomia New Boho Single Serve Coffee Capsule Machine

Looking for that rich coffee that you would have dreamed of getting only at a café? The Bonhomia New Boho Single Serve Coffee Capsule Machine is what would definitely be one of the excellent options you would rather find quite impressive and efficient.

You can choose between two different types of cups. It is very easy to use due to the mechanical lever operation. The removable water jar provides you access to better cleaning performance. You can insert up to 10 capsules, and it can work with almost every type of coffee capsules.


  • One-touch technology for an efficient coffee making ever.
  • You can choose a variety of blends to choose from
  • An excellent after-sales service.


  • We found not many cons on the product.

#4. Nespresso Krups Inissia White Coffee Machine

Nespresso by Krups Essenza Mini

The Nespresso Krups Inissia Grey Coffee Machine has been known to provide you access to espresso capsules. The machine comes with a very compact brewing unit. You can use the machine with just a simple preheating period of 25 seconds. The high-pressure pump bar can be one of the excellent options for the right supply of water.

You can find two special buttons for preparing Espresso and Lungo. The machine just switches itself off if left idle for more than 9 minutes. A more effortless cleaning functionality is yet another added advantage. The fold-up tray is a thoughtful inclusion that improves the usability of different sizes of glasses.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Instant preparation of Espresso
  • Ease of use and cleaning


  • May not offer freshly ground Espresso.

#5. Coffeeza Lattisso Coffee Making Machine

Coffeeza Lattisso Capsule Coffee Making Machine

The Coffeeza capsule coffee making machine is one of the great options for a wonderful option and comes from a purely Indian brand. The simple to operate and highly durable machine provides you access to a modern and elegant look par excellence.

You would get it an extremely affordable price tag when compared to the other similar options for the best capsule coffee machine in India. Of course, it provides you access to one cup of coffee at a time. That should be something that bachelors would find definitely a great option. It does come with a modern and glossy look that would add more value to your kitchen interiors. It can also heat up in just under 45 seconds that should be a great advantage ever.


  • It can make different types of coffee that include Espresso, cappuccino, ristretto, and lingo
  • The coffee machine is best suited for both home or office use.
  • Quicker heating up.
  • Auto turn off feature.


  • May not be good enough for larger families.
  • Build quality is not up to the mark.

Final Thoughts

Well, that was all we had for the best capsule coffee machine in India. We assume the picks compiled in this list should ideally help you get access to improved efficiency. Check out the best options and share your thoughts with us.

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